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Strong and experienced design and engineering team for the Display Works,our designers and engineers averagely have 10+ years’ experience in the industry, they’re not only good at operating the most advanced design software (SOLIDWORKS, 3D MAX, CAD, etc.),but also have know-how of real production.

It is our pleasure to serve you, whether you are an advertising agency, a design studio, a brand holder, or a trader in P.O.P display business. We can give you a lower price with better service

Who Is Samtop

Located in the central area of Shenzhen, we are committed to the field of display.We have a lot of related plant resources, when you find us is equivalent to find a large number of China’s entire Pearl River Delta outstanding factories
The domestic team has excellent English skills, they can follow each project and patiently communicate with you. Simultaneously, our foreign designers can quickly help you solve the design problem.
Promotional items

sheet metal production

Acrylic combination

Wooden cabinet

Our Crazy Skills

Promotional items 80%
Sheet metal production 91%
Acrylic combination 80%
Wooden cabinet 89%

Meet Our Team

We are a professional team to solve the problem

Ming Zhao
Ming ZhaoMarketing Manager
Expert of retail customized. Her job is looking for a customer – that’s you! Please tell her what you think, and let her help you realize it!
Bing Tang
Bing TangDeveloper
Communication experts, responsible for contact with customers, and committed to answering customer questions
Bradley Abbott
Bradley AbbottDesigner
Our overseas designers are good at industrial design, from intelligent and thoughtful concepts and industrial designs to fully designed solutions that cover our customers’ design flow。

More about Samtop

Samtop has developed and produced retail customized for all kinds of industries. Quality is a top priority for Samtop.


Individuality is also a highly prized factor at Samtop. because every brand is unique! That is why long-standing customer relations are especially important. The detailed knowledge of a brand’s character makes it possible to jointly develop concepts to enhance a brand’s image. Our experienced sales representatives consult and support every customer from Structural design to the finished presentation product to ensure a smooth execution of the project in close collaboration designers and production planners. So that your brand can truly shine.

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