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Case Study:Beauty counter display

Updated: Mar 4

This Beauty counter display project that we did late last year, was the first project that the new client has worked with us on. On the whole, the results of the project are quite satisfactory.

Difficult process

To sum up all our retail display projects, only a very few production processes will be smooth sailing. During the manufacture of this beauty counter display, our company's inspector has been staying in the factory to stand over and solve all the problems in time. The original sample was made by a craftsman who had many years of manufacturing experience. He thought the details were crucial and even used more raw materials. The result of the original sample was satisfactory.

Process 1

At the mass production, our inspector found a gap between the two pieces of the acrylic semi-finished product, which was inconsistent with the previous samples. He immediately told the factory production management that "If the counter display comes out would like this, we will not accept the product. " Then the factory had to find a solution to the problem immediately. Most factories just want to complete the order, if there is no outside supervisor real-time supervision, they will often be slipshod in work.

Process 2

The problem of lighting uniformity has always been a major difficulty in the cosmetic display productions, and sometimes the effect of LED lights did not satisfy customers. Sometimes even LEDs purchased in the same store can have different color temperatures from one batch to another. We have purchased LED lights from more than stores, selected the most stable LED sample, and confirmed with our customers. Customers in the colder areas mentioned that hot glue was not an option for sticking lights because in the winter hot melt glue will be too cold and off. We asked several stores and found the appropriate glue.

Key points

Key Point 1

Quickly provide the construction drawings and solutions. Upon receipt of the inquiry, we have been in accordance with the requirements of the customer quickly drawn construction drawings and quotations. Our predecessor was a factory specializing in prototyping, so we know exactly how to make products according to the structure, and to avoid production difficulties. In the process of drawing the beauty counter displays construction drawings, the problem that the client wanted to hide the magnet which adsorbed the transparent board in front was solved.

Key Point 2

We provide customers with a large number of display production photos and integrated video. During the production process of the beauty display prototype and later in the mass production, we took a number of photos and videos during the production process, mainly showing the details of the product and the video of the product still being made on the machine. This gives the customer a timely and efficient view of the production process and shows the customer how his beauty counter display was being produced.

Key Point 3

The project of this beauty counter display has been done an excellent job with the metal lettering of the logo. The main production process was done at the acrylic factory, but this factory can not produce other metal accessories, and the logo was a very important part of the beauty counter display product. We have another excellent supplier of metal letters. Before the acrylic parts were finished and painted, the pre-made metal characters have been sent to the factory. At the same time, the acrylic factory paste skills were so well that the final metal word to show the effect of excellent.

Key Point 4

The client was offered installation videos and PowerPoint presentations. During the production of the beauty counter display, we usually produce one or two more sets of products, to avoid the subsequent non-conforming goods and delivery of insufficient quantity and can not be shipped. In the end, we took a video of the additional beauty counter display installation and send it to the client with a simple clip. In this project, we have also made a presentation product structure PPT to provide to the client.

Click here to watch our production video.

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