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Suede Leather jewelry display

4 common linings for jewelry displays

We have many years of experience in retail display manufacturing, customizing various display supplies and display props for industries such as cosmetics, jewelry, fashion, tobacco, and wine, among which jewelry display is the category we have done the most. In the jewelry industry, the way the merchandise is displayed has an important impact on the purchasing decision. Every detail of the jewelry display is worth examining, exalts the shape, color, brilliance, and any other feature that makes the jewelry special. Ordinary jewelry products do not have excessive budgets to customize high-priced displays, and high-end and expensive jewelry will not be displayed using cheap and mediocre materials. The lining that is tightly attached to the jewelry is the key detail that reveals the value of the jewelry. Regular jewelry displays are necklace bust, rings display, earrings display, T-Bar jewelry displays, bracelet display, jewelry inserts, and jewelry pads. What are the characteristics of the lining in jewelry displays? Jewelry is generally displayed on a glass counter with lighting, the lining needs to be self-luminous, with understated and coordinated colors and textures to attract the attention of customers while allowing the jewelry to take center stage. It is best to have some fleece

UV printer working

How to make UV ink adhere to the substrates

UV printer is a common fast inkjet printing equipment in the current market, UV printing has the advantages of fast curing, good resistance, high printing accuracy, and less pollution. More and more advertisers use UV printing to replace traditional printing such as screen printing and offset printing. But UV printing also has an obvious disadvantage in that sometimes the ink is easy to not stick to the substrate, once the problem will greatly affect the product delivery. UV printing ink does not stick to the substrate mainly for the following reasons. 1. UV light power is not enough Printing ink layer is too thick drying is not complete, UV light power is not enough, light tube aging, light tube reflector aging, UV light output power is too low may cause the ink is not dry and the formation of ink does not stick to the substrate. Solutions. (1) the use of deep ink thin printing, deepen the pattern color and reduce the amount of printing ink. (2) increase the UV light output power, check whether the UV light is aging, regular replacement of UV light, and clean the reflector. (3) Slow down the printing speed to increase the light time

International Trade Terms

International Trade Terms and Payment Methods

This article focuses on international trade terms and the main international trade payment methods. Due to the COVID-19, global manufacturing is more concentrated in China at this stage. Our retail display manufacturing industry is no exception, but many of our customers are still confused about Incoterms and payment methods. International Trade Terms Incoterms 2020 Rules Responsibility Quick Reference Guide provides specific guidance for our participation in global trade imports and exports. EXW – Ex Works (…. named place of delivery) The Seller’s only responsibility is to make the goods available at the Seller’s premises. The Buyer bears full costs and risks of loading and moving the goods from there to the destination, including arranging for the export clearance. It is not recommended for international moves. FCA – Free Carrier (…named place of delivery) Delivery is made either when goods are (1) loaded on the means of transport provided by the buyer at the seller’s stated location; or (2) when placed at the disposal of the buyer’s carrier, cleared for export by the seller. From either point of delivery, the Buyer bears the costs and risks of moving the goods to the destination. The named place/address is required when FCA is

Confetti window display with clothes mannequins

6 common elements of window display

There are already plenty of articles on the internet that teach you how to set up a window display. Now we would like to combine our many years of production experience and summarise some of the most common elements in window displays. These elements can be mobilized and combined according to the requirements of the customer, the atmosphere of the product theme, and the needs of the designer. 1. Faux flowers/permanent flowers Flowers highlight femininity and are often used extensively in window displays for products with a female consumer base (clothing, cosmetics, and jewelry), where they can be used as a backdrop or in interesting shapes. Different seasons of clothing display can use different seasonal flowers. Spring clothing generally use fresh flowers, such as roses, camellias, tulips, cherry, blossoms, and hydrangea, etc., summer window decoration can choose sunflowers lilies and lotus, etc.; in autumn and winter generally choose warm colors (orange, yellow and red) flowers, such as chrysanthemums and dahlias, and then with some autumn colored plants hay. The window displays of floral fragrances are also often decorated with flowers in their own scent, such as jasmine, rose, peony, gardenia, tuberose, lily of the valley, and magnolia. The use of

The main sources of retail display in China

When I searched the Chinese customs data on retail display suppliers, I found some interesting phenomena. There is always a very tacit agreement that displays of different general categories are concentrated in one region of China. Below I have summarized and analyzed these phenomena in the hope that they will be useful to you. 1. Searching for retail/store fixtures When searching for retail/store fixtures, most of the suppliers are in Fujian province in southeast China. They mainly manufacture metal retail fixtures for use in hypermarkets and their main customers are US hypermarket retailers, fixture retailers, and manufacturing distributors. I have also found that many US/Singaporean trading companies have established offices here in Fujian. A distinctive feature of these Fujian-based retail display manufacturers is that different factories produce a variety of components that are then combined and assembled. For example, A produces the body of the shelf, B produces the hooks, C produces the wheels, D produces the wire mesh and finally, they are all put together and a shelf is produced. The advantages are that they are quick and cheap, which is why large supermarket retailers prefer to find suppliers in Fujian. But the disadvantages are also fatal: poor quality,

samtop tightens every step of production

How does Samtop ensure on-time delivery?

We are well aware of our customers’ needs in terms of receiving their goods on time, especially now that COVID-19 is raging and they cannot physically arrive at the factory to keep an eye on the production like they used to. They are concerned that delays in the arrival of goods will have a domino effect and endanger the success of the project. Especially with display props for seasonal merchandising/holiday decorations, the requirement for on-time delivery is even more stringent. As almost all of our counter displays, window displays, and display props are custom designed and have long production lead times, we need to focus on communication and coordination throughout the process. 1. Efficient communication Last week I took my car to the garage for repairs and during the process, the garage changed the person who dealt with me several times. When I finally went to collect my car they wanted me to pay for the repairs (in fact, the insurance company had already paid for them in advance) and when I called the person who had received me in the first place, I couldn’t get through to him no matter what. I don’t want customers to have the same

Metal Powder Coating

Tips for powder coating of metal display/fixture

We specialize in manufacturing custom POP displays, retail fixtures, and display props. with years of experience in producing metal products, we conclude that some problems often occur in the powder coating. Industry gossip from Shifu of metal display/fixture paints: 🔼What other surface effects can I do with the metal coating?Before coating the metal display, you can give the metal surface an uneven effect and choose different gloss levels when coating. 🔼How to avoid common defects in the metal coating?Before coating, the metal display frame also has to do some processing, grinding or pickling to remove rust and grease, and phosphate treatment, in order to avoid surface defects such as pinholes, bulging, wrinkling, cracking, peeling and other faults.Also, two or more different colours cannot be sprayed at the same time in the same spray booth, as this will result in fly ash of different colours falling on the product. 🔼Why is the colour after coating different from the pigment factory colour swatch?It is also important to pay attention to the temperature and time after coating the metal display into the oven, if it is not long enough, the colour may be too light.

Retail Store Layout

12 tips of design and production considerations to help brands develop POP displays

1. Brands must work with retailers to ensure their pop displays are acceptable  and achieve the right in-store placement. It is essential for brands to understand and abide by retailers’ rules and specifications, and to deliver displays on time. Brands should also be clear about where their displays should be sited in-store, providing evidence to retailers where necessary.  Number of POP displays found outside of the main cosmetics and skincare trading areas Display Locations  The researchers found POP displays in the following locations across all the stores visited.  • Outside the store • Store window • Store entrance • In the cosmetics and skincare section  • End cap/gondola end  • End cap/gondola side  • Wall  • As part of a shop-in-shop display  • Outside of the main cosmetics and skincare section  • At the checkout/till area  However, the favorite location for POP display was emphatically the main cosmetics and skincare trading areas, with the vast majority of the 4,311 display items found there. Several shop-in-shop displays were found away from the main trading area, but very few window or external displays were seen. Within the main trading area, the most popular place for display was in, on, or immediately adjacent to the cosmetics and skincare end caps/gondolas. The next most popular location was in or

Retail fixture for cosmetic store

How many categories would be used for in-store display?

SamTop Display–retail solution expert Specialist shops also use a large number of POP, but grocery shops use relatively few, probably due to self-imposed restrictions on the use of displays. This is perhaps surprising given the similarity of retail formats. Cosmetics specialist shops have on average a third fewer displays than chain pharmacies/pharmaceutical shops. However, they use more types of displays. The most common type of POP is a complete combination of three-dimensional displays and two-dimensional signage. Simple, inexpensive posters are the most commonly seen display type. However, more complex and expensive cosmetic test stations were the second most common, either as stand-alone displays or incorporated into larger display units. The popularity of testing stations and small test kits underlines the importance of allowing shoppers to try cosmetics in-store, actually more so than most other fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) categories. Compared to other retail channels, the cosmetics and skincare categories have a wider range of display items. The pharmacy chains also make heavy use of the types of equipment on display, more than twice as much as their stand-alone counterparts. Types of display Bus stop/Banner / Fin CarouselCounter displayDigital videoscreen—interactiveDigital videoscreen-Mon-interactiveDisplay cardDisplay headerDisplay tableDump BinEnd Cap/ Gondola End DisplayEnd Cap/Gondola Header

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