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Product categories

Point of Sales Display
POP displays are a crucial element of a brand’s retail strategy, offering diverse shapes, materials, and sizes, sometimes incorporating technology like LCDs. We collaborate across a wide range of material categories and technologies, including acrylic, metal, faux marble, MDF, and artistic glass, while continually exploring and developing new solutions and suppliers. Our commitment to innovation ensures we can provide unique and effective display options that meet the evolving needs of our clients, making us a versatile partner in enhancing brand visibility and customer engagement.

Watch Display

Jewelry Display

Jewelry Display

custom perfume display

Perfume Display

Custom eyewear display

Eyewear Display

Window Display & Accessories
To show off successful brands in their window displays, brand designers use special decorations, colors, and all kinds of art. We make their ideas real with stuff like fiberglass, metal sculptures, resin, vacuum forming, and wood carvings, thanks to our 20+ years of experience. We go beyond just meeting our clients’ creative needs, making sure each window tells the brand’s unique story with both precision and beauty. Our dedication to top-notch work and new ideas lets us create displays that truly reflect what the brand stands for and connect with people in a deep way.
Metal background window display


Christmas Holiday decoration


Wooden Window display


digital printing window display

Digital Printing

Mall atrium sculpture


Resin sculpture of dragon


Large logo vacuum forming

Vacuum Forming

3D printing of figurines

3D Printing

Holiday Decoration
During each holiday season, brands compete to showcase their products with custom, one-of-a-kind props and accessories. Artificial flowers, gift bows, confetti, mannequin heads and hands, Christmas trees, and ornaments are often used to create a festive atmosphere.

Artificial flowers

Christmas Tree

Stacks of gift bows decorate holiday window

Gift Bow


Silver Christmas ball

Christmas Ball

Mirrors used in shops


Mannequin head, hands

Multiple LCD screens display

Interactive display LCD

Samtop creates special packaging for watches, jewelry, and beauty products, including fancy bags and gift boxes. We quickly turn ideas into products, always focusing on quality, no matter the cost. We care about the environment, so we make packaging that’s good for the planet.
We whips up everything from big batch orders to unique, limited-run boxes, playing around with all sorts of stuff like cardboard bases wrapped in paper or leather, fancy composite material boxes, sleek wooden boxes with shiny finishes, and loads of plastic boxes made with injection molding. Samtop’s also got you covered with the whole package deal—making stuff, storing it, and getting it where it needs to go, including all the extras like manuals, sign-up cards, box sleeves, big boxes, and those mailers for online shopping. Sitting right in the heart of China’s manufacturing powerhouse, we’re all set to serve our customers worldwide.

Packaging Box

Gift Box

Paper packaging

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