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Counter display workshop

Unveiling the Genesis: A Deep Dive into China’s Visual Products

Digging into China’s retail display supplier customs data, I stumbled upon some fascinating trends. There’s this unspoken rule, you see, where displays from various general categories are centered in distinct Chinese regions. I’ve broken down and analyzed these trends below – here’s hoping they provide some insights for you! 1.

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Sculptures in shopping malls

Sculptural Add Intrigue to the Retail Environment

When shopping, we often come across various sculptures both inside and outside malls or stores. Retailers strategically place them at storefronts, counters, and display windows. These sculptures range from cartoon characters to product props or intricately designed decorative pieces. Some are equipped with lights and even interactive features, capturing our

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3D printed dolls for windows

3D Printing Empowers Captivating Window and Retail Displays

Application of 3D printing in window display When it comes to disruptive technologies, 3D printing undoubtedly stands out as a remarkable game-changer, especially in the realm of window displays and retail displays. With its infinite possibilities and astonishing practicality, it has sparked a revolution in the manufacturing industry and design

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Wooden window display SamTop

How to step by step produce custom Wooden Window Displays?

Using wood can add a natural and warm feeling to showcase displays. It can be used for theme displays, display shelves and racks, signage and graphics, decorative elements, and small models of furniture or household items. Steps for making a wooden screen include design, material selection, cutting, assembly, painting, installation, decoration, and maintenance. Remember to prioritize safety and seek professional help when needed.

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visual merchandising

How to customize window display props step by step?

Customizing window displays with props can make a brand stand out and attract customers’ attention. The customization process includes steps such as requirements collection, design proposal creation, sample production, mass production, quality inspection and acceptance, installation, and layout support.

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Metal earring display stand

Metal Surface Treatment Technology

In today’s society, metal products are ubiquitous. From daily necessities to high-end artworks, they all reflect the unique charm of metal. In the field of high-end metal sculptures, metal display stands, and luxury boutique store projects, metal surface treatment technology plays a significant role. Through various treatment methods, we can

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