Struggling to find a custom high-end and fashionable Watch Display and Durable Window Display supplier?

You can get a complete set of luxurious and stylish Watch accessories, Durable Window Decoration, Packaging & Boxes. including C ring holders, watch pillows, trays, flat showcases, wall grids, plinths, and window display props made from premium leather, metals, faux marble, artistic metals, MDF, and more.
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Your best custom-made watch display supplier from China

Leveraging extensive Swiss and American experience, Samtop offers tailor-made, durable watch PLV and window displays, significantly cutting your time-to-market. Our fully integrated solution saves both time and money.


Watch accessories include trays, risers, storytelling elements, watch pillows, C rings, visuals, wall grips, plaques, and plinths, available in materials like metal, artistic glass, faux marble, and MDF.

POP / POS Display

Success brands trust us for custom luxe watch point of sales displays. Our seasoned team crafts tailor-made solutions, including bespoke watch holders. We’re ISO9001, SA8000, FSC certified, always pushing to make our production and products greener.

Window decor

Our wealth of experience turns window displays into art, blending fiberglass, resin, wood, metal, and interactive tech for endless creative possibilities. Plus, we’re staunch defenders of eco-friendliness.


Whether it’s a few hundred or tens of thousands of watch boxes, we deliver top-notch service from engineering and prototypes to fast production turnaround. We customize in all materials and designs, handling both mass production and unique limited editions. Our range includes paper-wrapped leather boxes, composite materials, lacquered wooden boxes, and mass-produced plastic injection boxes. No matter the quantity, we apply the strictest quality control.

Why Choose Samtop

Most Competitive Price

Go with Samtop for custom luxury fashionable watch displays and visual merchandise, packaging boxes spots at prices 15-30% better than HK agencies. Your growth drives ours, leading to more successful projects together. Choose Samtop for value and partnership.

More Factory Options

We’re in Shenzhen, China, next to HK, working with factories that have 20+ years of experience. They’re skilled in metal, wood, leather, acrylic, Synthetic marble, fiberglass, resin, 3D printing, and have easy access to imported leather and Spanish fake stone. These factories make high-quality display stands but don’t show them overseas.

Rich experience

Boasting over 20 years of expertise, we’re masters in various materials and cutting-edge techniques, including LCD and LED innovations. We keep pace with the latest in display technology, and Our factory holds ISO9001, SA8000, and FSC certifications, surpassing major brand evaluations. Dedicated to environmental stewardship, we continuously enhance our production processes and products to be more sustainable.


R&D team that brings your wildest ideas to life. Perfume display that spins like a Ferris wheel, Turning fake plants into  out for your brand? Christmas trees with kinds of materials, and even LCD screens for a real festive kick? No matter how out-there or tech your vision is, we’re here to make it happen. We turn sketches into real.
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Tailor-made watch pop display process

where you’ll use the product, your budget, and when you need it. If you have your design sketch, you can send it to us. We’ll get you engineering sketches help to confirm the specific parameters of the design.
Preliminary Draft: Create initial design sketches and renderings. Client Feedback: Submit the design proposal to the client, collect feedback, and make necessary adjustments.
Technical Assessment: Ensure the feasibility of the design, considering materials, structure, cost, etc. Final Confirmation: The client’s final approval of the design plan.
Create a prototype, and once confirmed, we’ll proceed with production. Once we start production, from sampling to confirmation and final production, our processes include cutting, gluing, welding, spray painting, polishing, silk screening, UV printing, 3D printing, resin crafting, fiberglass making, metal plating, powder coating, and thermal bending among others.
Conduct strict quality checks during production. 1. There is a QC person for each production step, 2. Sampling inspection during production, 3. Only after passing the test can it leave the factory.
Shipping time: Express DDP—6-10 days Ocean freight—35-45 days

Optional materials

Luxury materials



Synthetic marble


Art glass


Workshops including Wood, Metal, Acrylic, Electroplating, Painting...

Molding Room

Wood workshop

Polishing Room

Wood Workshop

3D Printing

Cabinet fabrication

Dust Processor

Environmental equipment

Fiberglass workshop


Silk Printing

Wood Workshop

Welding Room

Metal Work

Powder Coating

Metal Painting

Resin Workshop


Brushing Sign

Metal Brushing Workshop


Vacuum Plating

Mirror Polishing

QC Inspection

Laser Cutting

Acrylic Workshop

Diamond Polishing

Acrylic Workshop

Spray Painting

Dust-free workshop

UV Printing

Printing Workshop

Acrylic Bending

Hot Forming

QC Inspection

QC Team

Client Testimonials

Our brand's new aromatherapy store needs a custom inline bar featuring faux stone, acrylic, MDF, and metal. Samtop delivered it on time—it's amazing!
For our holiday props, we needed custom perfume bottle props in various sizes for outdoor, window display, and pop-up. Samtop provided tailored solutions for each location, saving our budget and achieving perfect results.
“The team at Samtop exceeded our expectations with their innovative design, premium materials, and outstanding customer service. Our custom perfume display stand is a true reflection of our brand, and we couldn't be happier with the results.”


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