Travel Retail Display


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From an existing design or a vague concept, we can clarify details, provide price estimates, prototypes, and shipping quality display units to meet your visual merchandising schedule.


For over 10 years, our factory has been responsible for the project production of a Hong Kong travel retail design company from United Kingdom, specializing in the production of travel retail displays for most airports in Asia.

Including the Luois13, Martell XO, Camus’VSOP, 555 cigarettes, L’Occitane, etc

Efficient communication with designers, accomplish construction drawings with them.

3d Model and render

Verify the measurement, confirm the color sheet in gondola material, and finally process it into high gloss paint finish.

High gloss finishing

Black metal LOGO in laser cutting

The entire display system consists of acrylic panels. LED backlight the posters

Distribution to the stores global with safety packing


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