2019 POP display trends

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We don’t have a crystal ball to predict the future development of POP Display, but with careful study and observation, as well as practice in the factory, we can forecast which trends are critical to customizing POP Display.

1. Digital Elements Will Be More Important

Monotonous product text information is pale and powerless. People’s brains prefer images and videos which can carry a large amount of information. The colors and moving images are more impressive. Seamlessly connect the product brand information with the content of the image and video to achieve the customer experience, let the target customers explore, and lead them to sales.

We can see a high percentage of businesses use videos. Video production costs are the highest in terms of cost, followed by the cost of producing images and finally the texts. Merchants need to consider the screen cost and video cost according to their requirements.

2. Experiential display

Now is an era of extremely convenient online shopping, it is not enough for consumers to understand the products through the screen before purchasing products. They need more product experience to decide whether to buy or not. This means that brick-and-mortar stores will never be replaced by online shopping.

We need to display products in the places where customers can touch and use them. This solution is often used in the sales of electronic products. Mobile phones and game consoles are placed on the spot for customer experience, which greatly enhances customers’ willingness to purchase.

We believe that people will pay more attention to experiential displays in 2019.

3. Tell the story

Compared to the use of cold-blooded product descriptions, people more like stories. The story can be a single presentation or a series of presentations that extend from different spaces to different spaces. It’s a kind of themed retail display. Simple stories such as “Forest Afternoon Tea” or “Happy Graduation” can be used to maintain the coherence of the theme of the story, relying on color and nameplates.

The product with the story to show, so that the Image of the product is enriched in the minds of consumers, create more stories in the information-rich signboards, use the signboard to recommend products, and even show how the products work.

4. In terms of design, less is more

Minimalism originated in the early 20th century. When “Less is more” was thought to represent the central idea of the minimalist style, which features minimal design elements, colors, lighting, raw materials, and minimalism but the color, the material texture request is very high.

Consumers have been bombarded with succinct advertisements with information overload. The simple space design can often achieve the effect of fewer wins and more wins. The most prominent example is Apple’s simple design store, bright and simple. The white walls and large transparent floor-to-ceiling windows make the simple appearance of the product the trait of the product.

“Less is more” may be the theme of 2019.

5. Store-within-a-store

Often the store-within-a-store is owned by a manufacturer, operating an outlet within a retail company’s store.

Assign a specific space in a retail store to plan for a specific brand, and specialize in selling theme items that are usually brand collaborations, such as props for festivals, promotional products, etc. Main products, new products, and so on can be set up as store-within-a-store. The product is carefully planned and placed in the most conspicuous place in the retail store, making it easier for the consumer to find the product he or she wants.

These Store-within-a-stores often require clear and clear logos or POP displays to help attract customers.

6. Set up the shop window display

The first display windows in shops were installed in the late 18th century in London, where levels of conspicuous consumption were growing rapidly.

Set up shop windows in front of stores where you can display well-groomed hot items or seasonal items to make a first impression and entice passers-by to stop and enter the store.

The specific performance theme of the decorations, logo clear, clear theme, and lighting focus on the product, create an emotion, to leave a better impression.

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