4 types of eyewear displays

4 types of eyewear displays

Whether you are updating or starting a new eyewear store, you need to incorporate different optical displays to encourage customer purchases. Effective retail displays can be an excellent in-store marketing campaign, and beautiful optical displays can increase customer interest and help maintain the aesthetics and functionality of the store space.

How many types of custom eyewear displays are available?

1. Cabinet eyewear displays

Cabinet optical displays are the most widely used displays in optical stores. They have a glass cabinet with sliding drawers on top and a wooden cabinet underneath. Ideal for displaying luxury eyewear, cabinet displays protect the eyewear in the glass cabinet and even lock the eyewear in the cabinet, effectively reducing dust from falling on the lenses.

Slide drawer glasses display case
Glasses displayed on glass shelves
Glasses displayed in a glass cabinet

2. Wall-mounted eyewear displays

Wall-mounted eyewear display is installed on the wall in the store to maximize the retail environment. It usually has a backlit display area with a large number of glasses neatly displayed on the top half and a storage cabinet on the bottom half. Wall-mounted eyeglass displays are very suitable for smaller optical stores. Also, display rods are a good choice for wall-mounted displays, which can be more flexibly mounted on the wall.

Glasses on the wall shelf display
Glasses on the wall shelf display

3. Tabletop eyeglass displays

yeglass storage racks
tabletop eyeglass storage racks
open-top sunglass displays

Eyeglass trays, open-top sunglass displays, eyeglass storage boxes, and tabletop eyeglass storage racks, can all be placed on the counter to display eyeglasses. Their styles can be changed from time to time according to seasonal trends or hot sale products. In addition, there is a great demand for mirrors on the countertops of optical stores to give customers a chance to check the effect of trying them on.

4. Floor eyeglass displays

Floor Eyeglass display
Floor Eyeglass display
Floor Eyeglass display

It can be designed to display glasses on all four sides or both sides, with a rotatable base or even wheels on the bottom. This type of display has a large capacity and is affordable, making it suitable for displaying economical glasses.

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