6 Kinds of Common Retail Fixtures

Freestanding Retail Display

There are various types of products for sale in retail stores. It’s important to choose the right retail fixtures to fit into certain retail environments. The layout and style of the store, the spirit of the brand, and the attraction of customers to increase sales all depend on various retail displays. Retail displays can be divided into the following:

1. Freestanding Retail Display

Freestanding Retail Fixtures, such as freestanding kiosks, and gondolas, as well as in single and double-sided perimeter merchandising units. Freestanding Retail Fixtures can be moved around, changing the layout of the store at any time, and promotional products, clothing, and other products can be replaced at any time.

2. Countertop Retail Display

Countertop displays usually make one more final impulse sale before your customer’s checkout. Earrings display cases, perfume racks, and other retail fixtures come in a variety of sizes and styles. More sales are within reach with these countertop merchandisers.

3. Wall-Mounted Retail Display

They can be racks or shelves, digital signs, grid wall systems, or just about anything that can display or market your merchandise. It is the perfect solution when the available retail area is limited, frees up all-important floor space, and allows a smoother flow throughout the store.

4. Display Cases

You need display cases if your store sells expensive merchandise like jewelry, electronics, or other high-end products. A display case may be mounted on the wall, may act as room partitions, or may be hung from the ceiling, and come in standard sizes or often are custom ordered.

5.Sign Holders

When it comes to displaying information to your customers in a convenient way, table tents and acrylic sign holders are the way to go. It is an easy way to put a lot of information in front of your customers without overwhelming them. Table tents and sign displays perform well in temporary venues as well as permanent ones.

6. Permanent Retail Display

Permanent materials provide durability and protection for displays that are placed in high-traffic retail environments. Permanent displays work well-promoting luxury products given their capacity to convey a dramatic or upscale look and feel.

If you would prefer to speak directly to a customer service representative about the retail display for your business please feel free to contact us.

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