7Tips for Jewelry Display to Increase Sales

7tips for jewelry display

Jewelry is not a necessity, people buy jewelry on important holidays or anniversaries, they need to be motivated to make a purchase. A jewelry display is not simply a support for placing jewelry in a store. Well-prepared jewelry display together with jewelry can remind customers of romance, love, passion, and excitement, firmly capturing the attention of potential customers in what amounts to an instant marketing campaign.

Jewelry display has an important impact on purchasing decisions, not only stimulating customers’ buying behavior, but also it enhances the brand image and telling the brand story.

1. Maintain a uniform and coordinated appearance

Different brands of jewelry will have their own unique style, the basic responsibility of jewelry display is to maintain a unified style with the brand jewelry, not to steal the luster of the jewelry. Overlaying more elements on the display will reduce the attention of potential customers to the jewelry, less is more. In the use of color preferably not more than 3, display shelf texture (leather texture, velvet, marble mechanism, metal surface effect) use preferably also not more than 3.

Uniform appearance of jewelry display

If you look closely, you’ll see that high-end jewelry brands tend to stick to specific colors and textures to make them memorable. At the same time, they keep the use of display elements to a minimum to get a clean look so that their jewelry looks like it’s on display in a museum, it’s a fine balance between style and restraint.

2. keep neat and clean, less is more

A neat and organized merchandise display can make people feel comfortable. No one wants to see dead bugs in the corners of display cases, fingerprints on mirrors and metal surfaces, and dust on the black velvet lining, which should be kept clean from time to time.

Minimalist jewelry display

If the merchant shows all his necklaces, the display case is stuffed with various styles of necklaces, causing visual confusion, that may make the customer feel that there is engaged in cheap wholesale jewelry, but what he wants to find is that unique necklace that belongs to him.

Keep the jewelry display neat and organized, use a jewelry display set to display a collection of jewelry in a glass case. Jewelry displays that have smooth parts that tend to leave fingerprints (metal) can require the manufacturer to do fingerprint-proofing during production.

3. Portable jewelry display for easy removal of jewelry

Jewelry fitting at the jewelry counter

When customers like one of our jewelry, they will ask to try it on, and if it takes a long time to take the jewelry off the display it will add to the awkward wait. It is important to take into account the convenience of taking the jewelry off when designing and manufacturing by using convenient clips and using pads or inserts that can be taken directly out of the glass case.

4. Add an innovative and unique visual display.

We do not need to enter the door of any store feel like an unchanged jewelry store, the same light, the same decoration, the same color, and the jewelry display need to have its own unique brand elements.

Van Cleef & Arpels- The Art and Science of Gems Exhibition

It can be a special color (you know which brand I’m talking about), a special mechanism, or adding a story to the display to add inspiration. A series of jewelry displays co-branded with Pokémon, adding cute cartoon elements to the display. Add sensors that will move the display with the customer’s movement to increase the interaction with the customer. Adding innovative and unique visual effects can raise the interest of customers.

5. Update your jewelry displays from time to time

Christmas Jewelry Display

Both the jewelry and jewelry displays in the store need to be updated from time to time. Holiday celebrations, new product launches, and store celebrations can all be utilized to create a magical atmosphere and update your displays to avoid boring customers who spend their time in front of the jewelry store.

6. three-dimensional display jewelry, effective use of space

The central position of 1.5 meters high is the visual focus that people can see at first glance, and the most dazzling jewelry should be placed in this position. In the jewelry showcase, every inch of space is precious, for rational use of these spaces.

Stereoscopic display of jewelry

Necklaces, earrings, and bracelets do not all placed on the same plane, separate arrangements placed at different heights of the jewelry display rack can add some rhythm, away from monotony. Ensure that each series of displays has best-selling jewelry in the most conspicuous position so that potential customers are visually involved in all your jewelry series.

7. Appeal to whoever the target customer is

Different consumer groups with different backgrounds have different aesthetics, and we can’t meet everyone’s definition of beauty. The target consumer groups set up merchandise displays to strengthen the visual effect of jewelry displays, catering to their lifestyles, tastes, and desires to promote their consumption.

We have many years of experience in retail display manufacturing, customizing various display supplies and display props for industries such as cosmetics, jewelry, fashion, tobacco, and wine, among which jewelry display is the category we have done the most.

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