8 types of permanent retail displays

Permanent display in cosmetic stores

Retail displays have been evolving for decades and they are soaked in every aspect of the store. When holidays come around, product promotions, or new product launches, brand owners tend to seize these opportunities to develop new retail visual merchandising strategies. Effective retail marketing strategies can increase brand awareness, attract more potential customers, and help stores increase sales.

Points to keep in mind when planning displays and fixtures

Permanent display in cosmetic stores

1. First consider the location of the available display merchandise in the store and choose the size and shape of retail displays that are appropriate for the store.

2. choose the appropriate display for different products, heavy and fast turnover products need a solid structured display, and delicate products such as cosmetics and jewelry need a small and delicate display.

3. the display should fit the brand concept, its style, color, and mechanism are consistent with the store style.

4. Consider the budget of the project, set aside sufficient time for proofing, production time, shipping time, packaging, installation, and even post-maintenance care.

5. Choose environmentally friendly materials.

8 types of permanent displays

Perfect Diary Cosmetics Retail Store

Effective displays are not only about how good they look, but they are also about how well they fit into the store environment and make the products they display outstanding in a highly competitive environment to increase sales. Retail displays come in all shapes and sizes, and different products require their own specific custom displays. Permanent retail displays are an important part of the store, and they are carefully designed to play an important role in-store marketing.

1. Floor-standing display

Floor-standing display
Floor-standing display
Floor-standing display in cosmetic stores

Floor-standing display is a freestanding floor-standing display unit that can be placed anywhere in the store. They are usually designed to be shoulder height, with eye-catching shapes, bright patterns, and colors that can perfectly fit into a crowded retail environment.

2. Display case

Shoes display case
Jewelry display case
Jewelry display cases

Display cases are usually made of transparent materials such as glass or acrylic, and often have LED lighting inside the case, which makes valuable products look more attractive when the light shines on them. Display cases can properly preserve the higher-priced items such as jewelry, electronics, etc.

3. Countertop display(Glorifier)

Countertop display
Countertop display
Countertop display

Countertop display is a stand-alone smaller display that is placed on the table to occupy the visual center of the customer. It is usually used to display cosmetics, wine, electronics, and some other delicate products. The materials, shapes, and designs used in its scene-setting are infinite in their possibilities, dramatizing the features of the product and encouraging impulsive additional spending.

4. Window display

Window display
Window display
Window display

Window display design is usually located next to the store door. An attractive window display can breathe new life into the store, expressing positive emotions and attracting passersby to enter the store from the door. The focus of the window display should be on a clear theme, using exaggerated elements to create infinite creativity and tell the brand story to every potential customer. Each retail giant or chain store displays its unique personality through window displays.

5. Gondola display

Wine Gondola
Cosmetic Gondola
Supermarket endcap unit

Gondolas are displayed shelving units that can be placed independently. They can also be linked together to create store aisles, or at the end of an aisle as an endcap unit. about the height of a person, gondolas can hold a large amount of merchandise and require a sturdy structure, usually made of metal. It is usually made of metal. There is free space on the gondola with advertising patterns or add lights to shine on the compactly placed products. It is suitable for stores with large open spaces.

6. Digital POP display

Digital POP display
Digital POP display
Digital POP display with a sense of technology

This type of display is a retail display that has developed with the advancement of technology. It is either to add LCD screens or similar digital displays to the traditional shelves where products are placed or to place huge display screens in the store to loop product features, promotional ads, and other videos. Equipped with motion sensors, touch screens, audio, and other eye-catching elements to attract customers and drive impulse spending.

7. Shop-in-shop display

Clothing Shop-in-shop
Cosmetics Shop-in-shop

Literally, a brand or retailer opens a smaller retail space in another retailer’s store to carry out its own marketing activities alone, similar to a small store. A modular Shop-in-shop display requires the addition of retail displays that meet more functional requirements to immerse customers in the shopping environment.

8. On-shelf display

On-shelf display in supermarket
On-shelf display in supermarket
On-shelf display

Studies have shown that the use of signs on shelves can influence consumer choice. The on-shelf display is a kind of implant marketing, they are hung on the shelf at eye level, including shelf sign holders, mounted display stands, shelf talkers, hang sell display, etc.

Different displays combined together in a store can produce different visual effects, and choosing a retail display that fits your needs, even with simple materials, can increase sales.

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