F&As for metal retail displays

Earring metal display stand

In a highly competitive marketplace, brick-and-mortar stores want to stand out, and it is essential to establish an effective visual merchandising strategy. The use of a wide variety of well-designed custom retail displays can effectively increase sales. The common metal materials used for permanent retail displays are stainless steel, copper, and aluminum. Take stainless steel as an example, it is processed by cutting, bending, polishing, coating, welding, plating, etc.

Here are some F&As for metal retail displays.

Why is metal suitable for manufacturing permanent displays?

Metal is often used as a raw material in custom permanent retail displays for the following reasons.

• Metal displays are strong and durable and can withstand heavyweight products.

• They are easy to disassemble and install and can be packaged in pieces to save on shipping costs.

• The use of metal’s own luster can create a gorgeous look for displays. There are countless coating pigments to choose from.

• Metal has a sophisticated finish that works well with other materials to create attractive retail displays.

Metal display sample room

What part of the display can metal be used for?

Metal electrostatic coating

Metal is commonly used for retail displays such as gondolas, signs, floor-standing displays, countertop displays, and more. It can be made as a whole metal structure, as a metal frame to match other materials, or as a decorative part with an ornate appearance.

What do designers need to know about metal processing?

Welding of metals

Commonly used metal materials are stainless steel, copper, and aluminum alloy. Take stainless steel as an example, it has the process of cutting, bending, polishing, coating, welding, electroplating, etc.

• Harder metals such as copper and aluminum cannot be bent, so stainless steel is still the most common metal used to make metal displays.

• High-grade displays often use copper, which has a more ornate appearance.

• When metal plating, the workpiece should have a hook hanging place, if not, the factory will give the metal parts a welding hook ring, and after the plating is completed the removal of the hook ring, so sometimes you can see the hidden place on the plating parts will see no color welding scars.

• Anti-fingerprint treatment can be done on the metal surface.

How to maintain metal display racks?

metal retail display

Metal displays are stronger and better maintained than wood displays, but proper maintenance is required in the use of metal displays.

• Avoid placing the display in a humid environment.

• Use a special metal cleaner or vinegar solution when cleaning.

• Can not use steel wool, which will damage the surface effect of the metal.

• If the iron frame has rusted, sand off the rust and then spray the protective film.

• Keep away from acid and alkali.

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