How does Samtop ensure on-time delivery?

samtop tightens every step of production

We are well aware of our customers’ needs in terms of receiving their goods on time, especially now that COVID-19 is raging and they cannot physically arrive at the factory to keep an eye on the production like they used to. They are concerned that delays in the arrival of goods will have a domino effect and endanger the success of the project. Especially with display props for seasonal merchandising/holiday decorations, the requirement for on-time delivery is even more stringent.

As almost all of our counter displays, window displays, and display props are custom designed and have long production lead times, we need to focus on communication and coordination throughout the process.

1. Efficient communication

Last week I took my car to the garage for repairs and during the process, the garage changed the person who dealt with me several times. When I finally went to collect my car they wanted me to pay for the repairs (in fact, the insurance company had already paid for them in advance) and when I called the person who had received me in the first place, I couldn’t get through to him no matter what. I don’t want customers to have the same disappointment I had at the time.

Our engineers provide one-to-one online video service. We understand the customer’s requirements for a production flow Gantt chart before the project starts, and are reminded and informed of the progress towards completion during production. All production manufacturing steps are carried out in an orderly manner according to the project schedule.

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3. Establishing an effective measurement system

We have stringent internal checks and accept third-party QC.
Strict internal checks during the production process may sound like a delay in delivery, but the fact that problems are found at the last minute and the product is reworked or remade is the real and unavoidable delay in delivery.
We work actively with third-party QC when requested by customers overseas who are unable to visit the factory to inspect their products in person, and we ensure that our customers receive a quality product.

4. Freight forwarding agent and the transport of goods

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Freight forwarders are not the actual carriers of the goods, they are entrusted with the issuance of transport documents (with a wide range of contacts and complexities), fulfill the contract of carriage, and receive a fee for their services. Freight forwarding companies are graded, with first-class agents being able to book directly with air or sea freight companies or railway companies, second-class agents must only book with first-class agents, and so on.

There are many small freight forwarders in China, even those with only one person, who does not have a warehouse of their own. Although small freight forwarders sometimes have attractive low prices, they often fail to get warehouse space during peak seasons resulting in serious delays. We have freight forwarders worked with for many years who have their own warehouses in many locations and can bring goods online quickly to help us deliver on time.
(Tip: If the customer chooses their own freight forwarder, they need to be contacted a week in advance, the paperwork handover back already, and contacting the driver can take up a few days or even a week.)
There are also a variety of options for transporting goods, but when the goods arrive at the carrier there is nothing we can do to remedy the situation if they are delayed due to epidemic weather, we will have to keep an eye on the updated logistics information.

Learn more about low season lead time / High season lead time should Please contact SamTop:

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