How many categories would be used for in-store display?

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Specialist shops also use a large number of POP, but grocery shops use relatively few, probably due to self-imposed restrictions on the use of displays.

This is perhaps surprising given the similarity of retail formats.

Cosmetics specialist shops have on average a third fewer displays than chain pharmacies/pharmaceutical shops. However, they use more types of displays.

The most common type of POP is a complete combination of three-dimensional displays and two-dimensional signage.

Simple, inexpensive posters are the most commonly seen display type. However, more complex and expensive cosmetic test stations were the second most common, either as stand-alone displays or incorporated into larger display units.

The popularity of testing stations and small test kits underlines the importance of allowing shoppers to try cosmetics in-store, actually more so than most other fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) categories.

Compared to other retail channels, the cosmetics and skincare categories have a wider range of display items. The pharmacy chains also make heavy use of the types of equipment on display, more than twice as much as their stand-alone counterparts.

Types of displays

  • Bus stop/Banner / Fin
  • Carousel
  • Counter display
  • Digital videoscreen—interactive
  • Digital videoscreen-Mon-interactive
  • Display card
  • Display header
  • Display table
  • Dump Bin
  • End Cap/ Gondola End Display
  • End Cap/Gondola Header Board
  • End Cap/ Gondola Side
  • Fixture Header- Branded 
  • Fixture Header- Retailer
  • Floor Graphic
  • Free- Standing display unit
  • Free- Standing Poster
  • Interactive Display
  • Ladder Rack
  • Leaflet Rack
  • Main Fixture-Brander
  • Main Fixture -Retailer
  • Overhead/Ceiling Handing
  • Parasite Unit
  • Poster
  • Poster with Pole
  • Security Shroud
  • Shelf Edge overlay
  • Shelf Equipment – Shelf Unit
  • Shelf information Label
  • Shelf Strip
  • Shelf Talker
  • Shopping Basket Display
  • Showcase
  • Store Category or other signage
  • Tester Bar/ Station
  • Tester Display Box
  • Till Display/Box
  • Till Display/Unit
  • Wall Unit- Branded
  • Wall Unit -Retailer 
  • Wobbler

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Number of top ten display types used by retail channel

  • Poster
  • Tester Bar/ Station
  • Fixture Header -Brander
  • Display Card
  • Free- Standing Display Unit
  • Main Fixture -Retailer
  • Tester Display Box 
  • Wall Unit – Branded


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