Keys to custom the branded watch displays

Watch displays in the mall

Watch displays are often discussed in the same breath as jewelry displays, but in fact, watch displays have developed into separate display systems with watch-specific display accessories. Compared to jewelry displays, it is easier to incorporate new technologies such as electronic screens, intersectional displays, and augmented reality into displays.

High-end branded watch display.

What are the categories of branded watch displays?

High-end branded watches are mostly displayed in glass showcases, wall grids, or countertops, which still require a number of beautiful fixtures (accessories) to support or display the watch, including trays, pillows, plinths with C-holder, flat showcases, logo plaques, storytellers, etc. These accessories can be customized according to the brand’s philosophy, the style of the shop, and the style of the watch.

What are the key points of a watch display?

1. Matching style

All displays in a shop can be a valuable marketing tool for a product. The point of a watch display is that the design highlights the qualities of the watch and complements the style of the shop. Introspective and luxurious watches are suitable for dark textured leather materials, while watches for young ladies are suitable for lighter-colored displays.

2. Fine workmanship and use of high-quality raw materials

watch displays matching style

The quality of a watch display is reflected in the workmanship and materials used, and it is particularly important to work with an experienced manufacturer. No one likes to see a beautiful watch on a display that has cracked leather, visible seams, and overly rough metal welds. An experienced manufacturer is familiar with a wide range of materials, skilled in the production process, pays attention to detail, and starts thinking about installation and future maintenance at the time of production.

3. Easy to clean and maintain

It is essential to keep the shop tidy on a daily basis. Displaying watches in glass showcases is a smart way to avoid dust accumulation, but watch displays outside of glass showcases should be designed to avoid elements with excessive gaps and complex structures, and to minimize the use of fabrics that attract dust.

watch displaysuse of high-quality raw materials

4. Use display space wisely

The golden rule of watch display: less is more. Watches should not be crammed together unless you are an unconventional watch wholesaler. Design a series of displays of varying heights within a glass case and use the wall grid of columns and wall surfaces to display watches in a hierarchical manner.

5. Use safe power supplies and transformers


When both the power supply and the light source are heating up, it can be a cause for concern. It is very important to use a light source and transformer that are CE marked.

When you are building, renovating, or remodeling a shop, we can provide bespoke display solutions. In any combination of wood, metal, plastic, fabric, or other materials, we can combine the latest technology to ensure the success of your project.

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