Makeup brands pop-up shops playing gimmicks

Makeup brands pop-up shops playing gimmicks

Compared with brick-and-mortar, the main feature of pop-up shops is not just to sell products, but to increase visibility or test the waters. It adds trend elements, emerging technologies, etc., to cater to the preferences of young groups and keep it on social media. The makeup is deeply concerned with the young people, and creating a cross-industry cooperation pop-up has become the marketing magic weapon for all major makeup brands.

The cosmetics industry belongs to the sunrise industry, but its competition is extremely fierce. Cross-industry cooperation is frequently staged. Many makeup brands want to break the marketing deadlock through cross-industry cooperation ways. Let’s see how big players play cross-industry:

Chanel opened a cafe and playground pop-up

In 2017, Chanel opened the pop-up shop COCO cafe in Tokyo, Toronto, Singapore, and Shanghai for the launch of the new Rouge Coco Gloss.

The pop-up COCO cafe, which had only been open for 12 days in Shanghai, was packed with people every day. Numerous internet celebrities, stars, and models came to the store. The store had exquisite cosmetics displays and various cosmetic-shaped props. The coffee shop was opened but actually sold lipstick with Chanel lipstick in the blender and trial cosmetics on the tray.

In 2018, Chanel opened an innovative arcade pop-up around the world aptly named the Coco Game Center. Mimicking the arcade halls so commonly found in the city. Customers can play games and win the brand’s make-up and skincare products.
Pictures of attracting fashion elements on the scene were uploaded to the Internet. Chanel’s new products launched appeared on a large number of social networking sites in a short time. This marketing can make the brand a lot of exposure in a short time, increase the brand value and thus increase sales.


YSL Beauty was giving its luxury touch to the trend with the launch of the YSL Beauty Hotel in New York, Paris, and Shanghai. The pop-up hotel was inspired by YSL’s new lipstick, makeup, and skin care products.

It offered arcade games through which customers could accumulate points to redeem for make-up products and limited-edition gifts.

Shanghai’s YSLBEAUTYHOTEL has a YSL beauty library, new theme suites, spa rooms, and other functional areas. There is also a color vending machine on the second floor. The duration lasted for a week, during which many Chinese singers/bands were invited to perform on the spot.

Many online celebrities arrive at the store where people can try makeup in the Pop-up hotel or take photos before the featured display.

Shu Uemura Shu red playground pop-up

Shu Uemura, the L’Oréal-owned makeup brand from Tokyo, celebrated the launch of its new RD163 red lip color with a pop-up in Seoul in Mar 2019.

Featuring six experiential areas across three rooms, the Shu Red Playground delivered travelers a true play experience with capsule vending machines, bowling games, and digitalized interactive slot machines through interactive games and digital technologies.
Travelers can master their own beauty with Shu Uemura’s certified makeup artists to discover the perfect red lip look.

Consumers love the pop-up shop. According to a report by commercial real estate provider RET. 71% of consumers think personalized pop-up stores are more attractive than chain brands. 61% of consumers think pop-up stores provide more attractive shopping experiences.

The pop-up shop aims to create a number of eye-catching fashion elements. The consumer experience is the mainstay. Many social networking sites have become the medium of creation. When people upload carefully arranged photos to social networking sites, the information will be It grows like a snowball, and a lot of traffic is concentrated on the same topic during the period.

In China, because of legal regulations, pop-up shops are not at liberty to open in the street. But the form of cooperation can open in the mall. Estee Lauder, Lancome, Bobbi Brown, and other makeup brands have also tried different forms of Pop-up shops.

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