Retail technology awards Europe (RETA) in EuroShop 2020

RETA Awards

EuroShop is the world’s NO.1 retail trade fair, and there are many awards at Euroshop 2020, eight of which are as follows

1. EuroShop RetailDesign Award

2. Retail technology awards Europe (RETA)

3.Innovation Award Architecture + Presentation

4. Wissenschaftspreis

5. POPAI D-A-CH Awards

6. IFES Development and Innovation Award

7. Exhibitor Magazine´s EuroShop Awards

8. Trendscouting

RETA Awards

Here, we are talking about the second award – Retail technology awards Europe (RETA). For the 13th time, The award was presented by EHI Retail Institute GmbH which is a major focus on close cooperation with the EuroShop and EuroCIS, three equal-ranking prize winners were honored in each of the four categories.

Best Customer Experience

The award is given to retailers who adopt proactive approaches and techniques to improve customer loyalty and customer satisfaction:

Bonprix, “fashion connect” app.

Bonprix, “fashion connect” app

Customers can use their smartphones to select the clothes they want in the APP, select the size and book a fitting room, where the clothes will be waiting for them when they arrive. The final payment can be made with the click of an application. Developed by GK Software, the app can be integrated seamlessly into the SAP ecosystem and works together with all other in-store technologies in real-time.

Miele, virtual shelf extensions, and digital product information.

Miele, virtual shelf extensions

Large-format screens displaying emotionally relevant content and wall-sized LED displays that are accented with intelligent lighting round out the concept developed by Xplace.

Würth, 24/7 shopping experience.

Würth, 24/7 shopping experience

The shop assistant is in service during the day. In the evening, customers can use the Würth APP to enter the store and complete the shopping process on their own. The contents of the shopping cart are automatically identified at the self-checkout while article surveillance systems prevent shoplifting.

Best Enterprise Solution

Retail enterprises that improve efficiency through the development and implementation of innovative systems and technologies.

Cordes & Gräfe, “GC CarLoad”.

Cordes & Gräfe, “GC CarLoad”

Products can be delivered directly to the boot of a customer’s car overnight. The costly management of physical keys is made superfluous by the digital keys from T-Systems’ “MIA Mobile Identity & Access”.

Getränke Hoffmann, virtual reality app for plan stores virtually.

Getränke Hoffmann, virtual reality app for plan stores virtually

Before a store is actually built, it can be “perambulated”, and a variety of scenarios can be tested in a virtual space and in real-time for the fine-tuning of product placement, shelving, in-store promotions, and furnishing elements.

MediaMarktSaturn, CB4’s algorithm.

MediaMarktSaturn, CB4’s algorithm

Analyses historical sales data, exposing consumer demand patterns and sales correlations for each store at an SKU level. This allows the identification of products with high local consumer demand, as well as sales forecasting at an SKU level.

Best In-store Solution

Retailers who demonstrably have achieved operational value-added through the use of technology at the POS.

Ikea Italy, iTray.

Ikea Italy, iTray.

Using cameras and sensors to autonomously identify which dish or dishes are on a customer’s tray prevents long queues in its dining areas. Customers merely need to confirm the product and can then enjoy their food.

Metro, self-checkouts.

Metro, self-checkouts

Customers can scan their selected products themselves using an app on their smartphone or with a handheld self-service scanner. At checkout, a validation unit verifies the purchases in a multi-step process developed by Bizerba in which articles that have not been scanned are reliably identified.

Netto Marken-Discount, “undetectable” barcodes.

Netto Marken-Discount, “undetectable” barcodes

It introduces the innovative packaging technology for self-checkout — print “undetectable” barcodes on packages in different locations, except for the regular Ean Code, in case long time to look for the bar code and packaging on the bar code has been damaged to the customer frustration experience.

Best Omnichannel Solution

This award goes to retail enterprises that have modernized their IT infrastructure and linked the online and offline worlds with each other.

Decathlon USA, cashless stores. NewStore.

Decathlon USA, cashless stores. NewStore

Which has been integrated into existing mobile payment terminals? Using an iPhone, store staff can, for example, confirm product inventory or process a purchase using a mobile checkout station from any location inside the store. This process involves the physical shopping basket being registered via RFID at the checkout station. Using a QR code, the shopping basket is then transferred into the customer app, where payment can be made directly.

Engelhorn, partner platform Engelhorn’s online shop.

Engelhorn, partner platform Engelhorn’s online shop

Using a marketplace solution by Tradebyte, partner companies can offer products for sale in Engelhorn’s online shop, and these partners are also listed as suppliers in the online shop. This has expanded the former range of products to include those offered by partners while also improving the availability of products.

Otto has optimized its platform concept.

Otto has optimized its platform concept

When customers browse on, they can enter their postal code to see whether a particular product is available within 50 km of their home. The online shop currently provides information on local availability for more than 29,000 products.

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