Tips for powder coating of metal display/fixture

Metal Powder Coating

We specialize in manufacturing custom POP displays, retail fixtures, and display props. with years of experience in producing metal products, we conclude that some problems often occur in the powder coating.

Industry gossip from Shifu of metal display/fixture paints:

🔼What other surface effects can I do with the metal coating?
Before coating the metal display, you can give the metal surface an uneven effect and choose different gloss levels when coating.

🔼How to avoid common defects in the metal coating?
Before coating, the metal display frame also has to do some processing, grinding or pickling to remove rust and grease, and phosphate treatment, in order to avoid surface defects such as pinholes, bulging, wrinkling, cracking, peeling and other faults.
Also, two or more different colours cannot be sprayed at the same time in the same spray booth, as this will result in fly ash of different colours falling on the product.

🔼Why is the colour after coating different from the pigment factory colour swatch?
It is also important to pay attention to the temperature and time after coating the metal display into the oven, if it is not long enough, the colour may be too light.

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