Why use marble texture for retail displays?

Marbled Artificial Board

Marble texture is flat and sturdy, beautiful and solemn, and elegant style is the ideal material for the decoration of luxury products. A marble with unique veins can provide shoppers with an “aesthetically pleasing, unique retail experience.”

Marble Texture Counter
Marble textured luxury store
Marble Texture Counter

When used imaginatively and strategically, marble will deliver a luxury vibe. High-quality materials are visually arresting, and tactile and evoke emotional responses. Use marble to frame and contextualize a product, thus affirming the shopper’s perception that the visual luxury they are experiencing extends into the store and into the quality of the item.

Marbling is mainly used in what parts?

Marble Texture Jewelry Display Case
Marble Texture Storefront Decoration
Marble Texture Storefront Decoration

An elegant display cabinet creates an upscale atmosphere with its striking design and luxurious marble top.

The marble base and tray that directly holds the products on display perfectly accentuate the sophistication of the products.

Adding a sense of design to a display backdrop by using the changing texture of marble. Mixing it with other materials can be the perfect accompaniment to accentuate the quality of the product.

Marble is a sophisticated choice for upscale retail shops. But the quality of real marble is too heavy, in fact, no need to use the actual rock. Just the natural look of marble can easily be incorporated into retail displays.

How to make the marble effect?

Real marble quality is heavy and expensive, if imported from abroad marble custom display, that cost price will be unaffordable, there are the following ways to make the effect of marble custom retail display.

High-Pressure Laminate

Marble Texture High-Pressure Laminate

High-pressure laminate is made by stacking layers of decorative color paper and kraft paper impregnated with a special resin and then processed by high temperature and pressure and drying.

The surface can be made into various patterns including marble patterns, and it is affordable and often used in home decoration or store decoration, and also can be used to make retail furniture such as retail display cabinets.

Solid Surface

Marble Texture Solid Surface

Created from acrylic and polyester blends, As with the high-pressure laminate, the production process of the acrylic board has been very mature and can make a variety of textures. The weight of acrylic panels is 1/3 of marble.

In fact, most retail displays use acrylic as a raw material, and the production of marble effect of the retail display replaces ordinary acrylic with marbled acrylic.


Marble Texture Synthetic Marble

This material is also called engineered stone and consists of resin, stone chips, and pigments. As a manufactured product, Quartz offers a wide range of colors – most often mimicking stone(marble) – and appears attractive and luxurious. Quartz is a non-porous material that is not susceptible to staining, doesn’t harbor bacteria or viruses, and doesn’t require the additional step of sealing. 

UV Marble Sheet

Marble Texture UV Marble Sheet

Whether the substrate is PVC, calcium silicate board, particle board, or MDF, after the marbling, and then after the UV curing paint treatment to protect the board is called imitation marble UV board, but due to a variety of substrates, inexpensive UV board (calcium silicate PVC) will cause harm to humans, and the white UV board in the sun will yellow.

Marble Decal


Marble decals (wallpaper) can be directly mounted on the surface of the display, which is a very convenient and affordable method. However, its manual production requirements are high, (to avoid bubbles, edge cutting does not match, after bonding edge bulging), and the surface effect is not satisfactory, only in the low-budget product requirements are not high when this practice is recommended.

Polyester Paper Spray Paint

Marble Texture Polyester Paper Spray Paint

Polyester paper is a kind of recordable decorative paper with various patterned surfaces, without any paint treatment on the surface. The marble patterned paper is glued to the surface of the panel and then painted to obtain a very good imitation marble effect.

The weight of the display can be greatly reduced by using a lightweight material such as MFD as a base.

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