Wood materials used in retail displays

Wood materials used in retail displays

In retail displays, wood is often used to build an overall structure for the display. Large wall displays, gondolas in the center of the store, and decorations in the store all use wood. In our long-term production display work, the most commonly used woods are the following.


MDF used in retail displays
MDF board as display panel

The most commonly used board in retail displays is a board made of wood fiber with resin by heating and pressing. It has high density and strength, a smooth surface, and easy processing, and can be carved. Whether it is a large permanent display or a small display placed on the counter, almost all use MDF.


Plywood used in retail displays
Retail display made of plywood
Retail display made of plywood 2

The wooden board is made of several layers of thin wood fibers arranged vertically in the direction of bonding, hardness, and grip nail strength, suitable for the production of large store display backboards and bottom boards. Its cross-section is easy to produce burst teeth when cutting and requires high processing equipment. Plywood has different grades, if you use secondary plywood to do display is easy to deform crack.

Particle board

Particle board
Retail display made of Particle board
Retail display made of Particle board

Particle board, also known as chipboard, is a type of engineered wood product that is made by combining wood particles or chips with a synthetic resin or adhesive binder. It is easy to burst when cutting. The cross-section must be sealed, in addition, particle board is susceptible to moisture expansion, is not environmentally friendly, has poor stability, nail grip is not strong, but the price is cheap.

Oriented Strand Board(OSB)

OSB used in retail displays
OSB used in clothing stores
OSB used in bike stores

It is made of long, thin, oriented wood slices, which are heated and pressed after adding synthetic resin or adhesive binder. The grain pattern of OSB is particularly easy to recognize, and the internal bonding strength is high, with no joints or gaps, strong nail grip, and low price. Young trendy stores will directly use the appearance of the untreated OSB.

Solid wood

solid wood used in retail displays
Solid wood used in sunglass store
Solid wood used in vintage stores

Solid wood has a natural wood grain that everyone prefers, and Eco-friendly luxury brands or vintage-style stores will use solid wood. Solid wood is environmentally friendly but expensive, easy to out of shape, and not suitable for placement in a too-wet or too-dry environment, the export needs to be fumigated and disinfected.

wood-based panel

Wood-based panel
Wood-based panel retail display
Marbled Wood-based panel used in retail displays

Wood-based panel does not require further surface processing such as painting, and is made of various colors and textures of paper soaked in melamine and applied to the above-mentioned particle board or other boards. The veneer has a certain effect of sealing formaldehyde, but the surface of this panel is flat and cannot be processed too much, so it is suitable for the panel of large retail furniture or store decoration.


Bamboo panels
Bamboo panels used in retail stores
Bamboo countertop display

Affordable, natural and environmentally friendly, smooth and delicate surface after sanding and spraying varnish. Some natural skin care products and sunscreens choose bamboo for small countertop displays.

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