How to make UV ink adhere to the substrates

UV printer working

UV printer is a common fast inkjet printing equipment in the current market, UV printing has the advantages of fast curing, good resistance, high printing accuracy, and less pollution. More and more advertisers use UV printing to replace traditional printing such as screen printing and offset printing. But UV printing also has an obvious disadvantage […]

International Trade Terms and Payment Methods

International Trade Terms

This article focuses on international trade terms and the main international trade payment methods. Due to the COVID-19, global manufacturing is more concentrated in China at this stage. Our retail display manufacturing industry is no exception, but many of our customers are still confused about Incoterms and payment methods. International Trade Terms Incoterms 2020 Rules […]

The main sources of retail display in China

When I searched the Chinese customs data on retail display suppliers, I found some interesting phenomena. There is always a very tacit agreement that displays of different general categories are concentrated in one region of China. Below I have summarized and analyzed these phenomena in the hope that they will be useful to you. 1. […]

How does Samtop ensure on-time delivery?

samtop tightens every step of production

We are well aware of our customers’ needs in terms of receiving their goods on time, especially now that COVID-19 is raging and they cannot physically arrive at the factory to keep an eye on the production like they used to. They are concerned that delays in the arrival of goods will have a domino […]

Tips for powder coating of metal display/fixture

Metal Powder Coating

We specialize in manufacturing custom POP displays, retail fixtures, and display props. with years of experience in producing metal products, we conclude that some problems often occur in the powder coating. Industry gossip from Shifu of metal display/fixture paints: 🔼What other surface effects can I do with the metal coating?Before coating the metal display, you […]

How many categories would be used for in-store display?

Retail fixture for cosmetic store

SamTop Display–retail solution expert Specialist shops also use a large number of POP, but grocery shops use relatively few, probably due to self-imposed restrictions on the use of displays. This is perhaps surprising given the similarity of retail formats. Cosmetics specialist shops have on average a third fewer displays than chain pharmacies/pharmaceutical shops. However, they […]

Live integration from EuroShop 2020

The popular POPAI Global Village (Hall 1)

The eyes of the retail world will be on Düsseldorf between now and 20 February, for EuroShop 2020, the world’s biggest retail trade fair.