6 common elements of window displays

There are already plenty of articles on the internet that teach you how to set up a window display. Now we would like to combine our many years of production experience and summarise some of the most common elements in window displays. These elements can be mobilized and combined according to the requirements of the […]

Some concentrated origins of imports from China of retail display

When I searched for Chinese customs data about retail display vendors, I found an interesting phenomenon:  1. When I searched with retail fixture/shop fixtures, almost all of the supplier catalogs that appeared were companies starting with Fujian Province, which is located in southeastern China. The main products are shop fixture/ metal retail fixtures for large […]

How does SamTop ensure on-time delivery?

We are well aware of our customers’ needs in terms of on-time delivery, especially nowadays when COVID cannot be personally present at the factory to keep an eye on the order and worry about late orders, which can have a domino effect and jeopardize the success of your project, especially for seasonal pos merchandising / […]

Tips for painting metal display/ fixture!

Industry gossip from Shifu of metal display/fixture paints: 🔼What other surface effects can I do with the metal coating?Before coating the metal display, you can give the metal surface an uneven effect and choose different gloss levels when coating. 🔼How to avoid common defects in the metal coating?Before coating, the metal display frame also has […]

12 tips of design and production considerations to help brands develop POP display

Number of POP displays found outside of the main cosmetics and skin care trading areas Display Locations  The researchers found POP displays in the following locations across all the stores visited.  • Outside the store • Store window • Store entrance • In the cosmetics and skincare section • End cap/gondola end  • End cap/gondola side  • Wall  • As part of a shop-in-shop display  • Outside […]

How many categories would be used for in-store display?

SamTop Display–retail solution expert Specialist shops also use a large number of POP, but grocery shops use relatively few, probably due to self-imposed restrictions on the use of displays. This is perhaps surprising given the similarity of retail formats. Cosmetics specialist shops have on average a third fewer displays than chain pharmacies/pharmaceutical shops. However, they […]

The classic is back in style – Klein Blue

In the summer of 1947, the artist Yves Klein arrived on the coast of Nice, France, and as he looked down on that azure coastline, the gears of destiny began to turn. Yves Klein exhibited eight unframed panels of the same size, covered in almost ultramarine paint, in an exhibition. His recreation of the blue […]

Top 10 brand cosmetics retailer

The custom counter display/pos merchandising/ visual merchandising industry primarily services the advertising and marketing of branded retailers,  the top 10 cosmetic/skincare brand names served, and their 2020 annual revenue: 一、 One of the world’s largest cosmetics companies and top beauty brands, L’Oréal was founded in 1909. Its product range includes color cosmetics, skincare, haircare, sun […]

Why import displays in China

some retail display case

China is the world’s largest processing base for the display industry. According to the display equipment industry report from CIRP, the…