F&As for metal retail displays

Earring metal display stand

In a highly competitive marketplace, brick-and-mortar stores want to stand out, and it is essential to establish an effective visual merchandising strategy. The use of a wide variety of well-designed custom retail displays can effectively increase sales. The common metal materials used for permanent retail displays are stainless steel, copper, and aluminum. Take stainless steel […]

8 types of permanent retail displays

Permanent display in cosmetic stores

Retail displays have been evolving for decades and they are soaked in every aspect of the store. When holidays come around, product promotions, or new product launches, brand owners tend to seize these opportunities to develop new retail visual merchandising strategies. Effective retail marketing strategies can increase brand awareness, attract more potential customers, and help […]

Wooden retail displays FAQs

Perfect Diary Cosmetics Retail Store

Wood has always been the most common material used in retail environments today, whether it is for store decoration or for displaying merchandise on shelves, because it is readily available and inexpensive with many different derivative material categories, and the manufacturing supply chain has become very sophisticated. Wooden panels are often used in gondolas, wall […]

The benefits of acrylic displays

samtop acrylic retail display sample room

Acrylic is an early developed thermoplastic material with a wide variety of specifications, you can find almost any thickness and color you want, and you can even find acrylic sheets with the special effects you want. In the advertising industry, the use of acrylic products reached more than 80%, jewelry display, watch display, wine display, […]

7Tips for Jewelry Display to Increase Sales

7tips for jewelry display

Jewelry is not a necessity, people buy jewelry on important holidays or anniversaries, they need to be motivated to make a purchase. A jewelry display is not simply a support for placing jewelry in a store. Well-prepared jewelry display together with jewelry can remind customers of romance, love, passion, and excitement, firmly capturing the attention […]

4 common linings for jewelry displays

Suede Leather jewelry display

We have many years of experience in retail display manufacturing, customizing various display supplies and display props for industries such as cosmetics, jewelry, fashion, tobacco, and wine, among which jewelry display is the category we have done the most. In the jewelry industry, the way the merchandise is displayed has an important impact on the […]

International Trade Terms and Payment Methods

International Trade Terms

This article focuses on international trade terms and the main international trade payment methods. Due to the COVID-19, global manufacturing is more concentrated in China at this stage. Our retail display manufacturing industry is no exception, but many of our customers are still confused about Incoterms and payment methods. International Trade Terms Incoterms 2020 Rules […]

6 common elements of window display

Confetti window display with clothes mannequins

There are already plenty of articles on the internet that teach you how to set up a window display. Now we would like to combine our many years of production experience and summarise some of the most common elements in window displays. These elements can be mobilized and combined according to the requirements of the […]

12 tips of design and production considerations to help brands develop POP displays

Retail Store Layout

1. Brands must work with retailers to ensure their pop displays are acceptable  and achieve the right in-store placement. It is essential for brands to understand and abide by retailers’ rules and specifications, and to deliver displays on time. Brands should also be clear about where their displays should be sited in-store, providing evidence to retailers […]