4 common linings for jewelry displays

Suede Leather jewelry display

We have many years of experience in retail display manufacturing, customizing various display supplies and display props for industries such as cosmetics, jewelry, fashion, tobacco, and wine, among which jewelry display is the category we have done the most.

In the jewelry industry, the way the merchandise is displayed has an important impact on the purchasing decision. Every detail of the jewelry display is worth examining, exalts the shape, color, brilliance, and any other feature that makes the jewelry special.

Ordinary jewelry products do not have excessive budgets to customize high-priced displays, and high-end and expensive jewelry will not be displayed using cheap and mediocre materials. The lining that is tightly attached to the jewelry is the key detail that reveals the value of the jewelry.

Jewelry Display set

Regular jewelry displays are necklace bust, rings display, earrings display, T-Bar jewelry displays, bracelet display, jewelry inserts, and jewelry pads.

What are the characteristics of the lining in jewelry displays?

  • Jewelry is generally displayed on a glass counter with lighting, the lining needs to be self-luminous, with understated and coordinated colors and textures to attract the attention of customers while allowing the jewelry to take center stage.
  • It is best to have some fleece that can bring people a sense of security and a soft texture to prevent damage to the jewelry from bumping.
  • The lining material should preferably have some ductility and be able to stick to the substrate convincingly, even to the shaped necklace bust.
  • If the lining is exposed on the outside of the display, it also needs to have easy-to-clean features.

Common lining materials

Faux Suede Leather Fabrics 

Suede Leather jewelry display

Faux suede leather is the highest quality grade synthetic leather, a high-tech simulation of high-end leather material. It has a lot of similar characteristics to natural leather, however, with better physical & chemical performance, has been widely popular around the world. 

Faux Suede Leather Fabrics

• Faux suede leather is smooth and soft to the touch, with some fuzz on the surface and a shade of luster in the light.

• It has a certain degree of ductility and can cover some shaped jeweler displays in a comfortable manner.

• The faux suede leather is wearing resistant, moisture resistant, easy to clean, and has a high color fastness, making it ideal for use as a jeweler display lining and perfect for the presentation of high-grade products.

Faux leather or PU leather

pu leather jewelry display

It increases the visual charm of jewelry pieces.

Now almost no one will use leather to do jewelry display lining, the price is high and not easy to make, and leather follow-up is difficult to take care of, easy to moisture, and easy to wear. The total class of PU leather in a wide range of colors is a very good choice for jewelry display, different prices of PU leather can be used for different grades of the display. High-grade luxury brands that use first-class PU might be several times more expensive than the price of genuine leather.

Faux leather or PU leather

PU suppliers can even make the same appearance of leather according to customer requirements, some cheap PU may change color after a period of time hard texture, so you need to be careful when choosing PU leather as a jewelry display lining.

Velvet Fabric

Velvet Jewelry Display

We now see most of the wholesale jewelry display stock or jewelry packaging boxes use black velvet material. There is a velvet fabric product with a self-adhesive back on the market, which is very convenient to use in the process of making jewelry display.

Velvet Fabric

Velvet is more classic than the new material microfiber, as a jewelry display liner, its surface luster exudes classical elegance. velvet is wear-resistant and not easy to fade, but easy to absorb moisture in the air or adsorb dust in the air. As jewelry display lining, avoid high temperature and high humidity environment.


Silk Jewelry Display

Silk surface is smooth, with a unique and attractive luster, and now the jewelry box use silk as a lining, but jewelry display has not been popular to use silk as a lining, but we can still directly buy some silk to do the jewelry display props.


The above is our production process summed up the most used jewelry display lining materials, with the development of science and technology we will have more quality materials appear. Want to know more information can subscribe to us.

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