The classic is back in style – Klein Blue

Yves Klein and Klein blue

In the summer of 1947, the artist Yves Klein arrived on the coast of Nice, France, and as he looked down on that azure coastline, the gears of destiny began to turn. Yves Klein exhibited eight unframed panels of the same size, covered in almost ultramarine paint, in an exhibition. His recreation of the blue sky and sea is not at all the same colour as we might expect. In Klein’s eyes, it is pure, intense, “absolute blue”. The brilliant colour instantly caught the eye and since then the colour has been officially named International Klein Blue (IKB).

Yves Klein and Klein blue

The RGB ratio of ‘Klein Blue’ is 0:47:167, but the shock one feels, at first sight, is not conveyed by mere statistics. The ‘blue’ of Klein Blue is so pure that it is so visually aggressive that one glance at it is all it takes to immerse oneself in its charms.

Klein blue's exhibition

Klein Blue permeates all areas


This blue, known as the ideal blue, the absolute blue, has a high degree of saturation and a strong presence. It creates an atmospheric sense of purity and serenity, mysterious and romantic, attracting countless artists and making them go crazy for it. Spanish architect Manuel Ocana Del Valle has transformed the old railway station with a Klein Blue theme, which is beautifully lit by the setting sun and light.

Old railway station with a Klein Blue theme
Old railway station with a Klein Blue theme


A highly saturated blue, full of colour and yet elegant, using Klein Blue in the home environment evokes the strongest psychic sensibility, rich, warm, and unrestrained. With Klein Blue, the aesthetic is online, while the mood is calm.

Klein blue theme for home design
Klein blue theme for home design


In 2007, to mark the 50th anniversary of the International Klein Blue, the fashion industry launched a series of Klein Blue items, from clothing to bags and even cars, creating a complete storm of Klein Blue!

Highly saturated Klein blue is very inclusive for skin tones, it appeared on the catwalks of various haute couture fashions.

Daily necessities

Nowadays, Klein blue is becoming more and more popular. Small things that are used in everyday life are more artistic with Klein blue, accessories, product packaging, poster design, lighting design, etc.

What colour goes better with Klein Blue?

Yellow and Klein Blue

The sun and the blue horizon, represent bright yellow and absolute blue, yellow and blue are complementary colours on the hue ring. Combining Klein blue and yellow, like the sun and the sea, the yellow greatly reduces the coldness of the blue. The combination of Klein blue and bright yellow brings warmth and vitality, a balance of movement and stillness.

White and Klein Blue

With Klein Blue and white, the purity and elegance of Klein Blue can be accentuated. The pure, soft white and the calm, full-bodied Klein Blue create a fresh, unpretentious look that brings a good mood like a blue sky and white clouds.

Klein blue and adjacent blue

Klein blue with other blues, with different shades, light and dark, and multiple layers, is yet another harmony. Giving you the elegance of various blues at the same time.

Klein Blue is a paradoxical blue dream and a reflector of trends. From its birth to the present day, it is a colour that remains beloved by the brand, no matter how much time has changed.

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